Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Toys of a Craftsman

Shortly after arriving in Asheville, North Carolina, we decided to take a short trip from our home base. We headed south on I-26 for about 70 miles through some beautiful scenery.
We reached Simpsonville, South Carolina, the home of my (Chuck) sister Judy and her husband Vern. After a tour of their vegetable and flower gardens, "catching-up" conversations, and lunch at a very good local seafood restaurant, we were treated to a display of Vern's hobby/business. There on a shelf were several examples of some detailed craftsmanship.
Semi Tractor and Low Boy Trailer

The Tractor and Trailer above measured over 48 inches in length. I was sure there was a story behind this skilled work.
Semi Tractor

Vern described it as "recovery from surgery" work. He found information about a company called Toys and Joys, which " a plan, and pattern company that provides full-size drawings (18" x 24") for making detailed wood models and toys.
"Our plans are excellent woodworking projects for the beginner, to the advanced woodworker."

Patterns for building construction vehicles, cars, trains, trucks, military vehicles, and children's toys are available for purchase.
It is also possible to buy kits for these projects. However, the term "kit" was somewhat misleading to me. The company noted that: "We also provide wheels, pegs, dowels, and other woodworking items for all of your wood projects."

So basically, wheels and dowels are the "kit."

Lastly, the company adds: "You still need to cut out the body, frame, fenders, etc. out of your wood, following the pattern. The Band Saw is the tool of choice for most of the cutting in your shop."
The Dozer

Fortunately, Vern has the band saw--and other tools--necessary to perform the detailed work involved in the construction of the vehicles shown here. I commented on tracks of the Dozer that moved with the toy as it was guided across the floor.

I looked at the patterns that showed the steps to cutting out the pieces of each tread and
tried to get a close-up of the individual treads on the track. I admired the precision necessary to enable each tread to curve around the axles as the Dozer moved.
Throughout the time I was photographing the toys (there should be a better term that "toys" to describe these craft creations), I repeated, "I'm not sure the photographs are doing justice to the detail involved in the construction."

The Road Grader (below) was a little over 24 inches long.
The Road Grader

The Road Grader details

The Road Grader details

The Excavator

The Excavator

The company notes: "Our goal at Toys and Joys, Inc. is simple; We want to provide a product that gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to our customer. A plan/pattern of the highest quality, and one that is easy to work with, which allows our customer to be successful with the finished product" (
Front End Loader

Well, I would add that "in the hands of a patient, skilled craftsman with the right tools," the customer can be successful.
Front End Loader details

Vern showed us examples of cypress coffee tables and wall clocks and "puzzles" like the one below as other examples of his work.
A fun day that was all too short.
Vern, Judy, and Chuck amidst the flower garden


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