Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wytheville, VA

The forecast called for rain, so we changed our plans for attending an outdoor concert at a good distance from the campground.

So, this gave us some time to establish a new blog. The system that we began with required a considerable amount of time for my friend Dennis to re-format the information that I sent him and even with some streamlining, there was still a lot of time for someone to volunteer on a daily basis. So, he has helped me design this site and we'll see how this works.

Since I am more on my own now, this may also take awhile for me to get established. The experimental work on the June 27 entry turned out fairly well on the early tries. Hopefully, those who want to find us have been able to do so.

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FranJimmy said...

Hello Kate & Chuck!

What a pleasure to read about your experiences. Your entries read like a good book. Well done, my new friends! I smiled when I saw that you watched "Song Catcher." It is one of our favorite movies - Jim & I were actually reflecting on that movie a couple of days ago when we were riding around.

I hope we can meet each other again someday - we really enjoyed your company.

Bon Voyage!

Jim, Fran & Napolean :)