Friday, October 31, 2008

Living in Crowley's History

Crowley, LA, was established in 1887, and today has more than 200 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. So, we thought we would take a walk around town to see some of the historic homes.

The Morris-Davino House was built in 1902. The tree seemed to fit in well with the home today.

When the Toler-Barousee House was built in 1892 it was two stories with two galleries and eight fireplaces. Years later the house took on its present appearance. Compared to some of the more majestic homes, this home seemed modest, but probably more easily livable.

Built in 1906, the Lawrence-Hoffpauer House has remained unchanged throughout the years.

Crowley's first physician and mayor, Derrick January, built this house in 1893.

Descendents of Wayne and Geneveve Thompson currently live in this house, which Gary and Vivian Brooks built in 1900 and sold in 1927. The wrought iron fence surrounding this property was as beautiful as the home itself.

The Clark-Miller House fits its descriptive name: ". . . when 'the Victorian palace' was built in 1898 it was the most ornate dwelling in town." We spent several minutes just staring at the porch and gingerbread on this palace.

Crowley seems to be a livable, walkable city.

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