Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow in the Forecast

Yesterday was a travel day--from Albuquerque to Winslow, AZ.

"Snow showers beginning in the morning and continuing through the early afternoon" was the forecast as we left the RV Park.

So in view of that forecast, we felt fortunate to see the blue sky and puffy clouds, but we weren't taking any chances.

Although tempting, we did not stop along I-40 to take photographs of the western New Mexico landscape. We simply shot these photos through the window as we traveled along.

We have been totally taken by the colors of the landscape and the bluest skies we have seen.

Even the clouds seem to leave spaces, allowing the sun to highlight the most scenic parts of the landscape. The state nickname: The Land of Enchancement seems to capture the very essence of the scenery's effect on us.

Crossing into Arizona, we stopped at the Welcome Center to collect brochures. It was there that I heard the host say ". . . you'll need chains . . ." in answer to a question from a traveler.

Fortunately for us, as I quickly learned, this comment referred to traveling through the mountains southwest of Holbrook and did not related to our travel route. But it was cause for concern given the forecast we had heard.

We didn't stop to eat our prepared sandwiches. One drove, while the other ate.

There were very few towns within sight from the highway. When saw homes, they were always one-story small homes with few outbuildings and even fewer nearby neighbors.

Nearing Winslow, we could see signs of recent snows and began to wonder just how recent the snowfall was.

This cloud formation had clouds extending downward in "strands," as though in the early stage of huge storm.

This structure was near the highway. There were no other buildings in the area, so we were left to imagine what the building housed and what the "5" represented.

We arrived at our next homesite just as snow flurries began.

Snow fell throughout the night.

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