Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Small, But Compelling

Photographing rock formations and the grand vistas of canyons is thrilling on a grand scale, but shooting the life of the desert can also reveal beauty on a small scale.

Kate has a good eye for these small subjects.

The desert offers a unique setting for discovering such wonders. Colorful flowers make such finds easier because or their rarity and their contrast with their surroundings..

More often it is a matter of searching for these subjects that are often overlooked when viewing the Big Picture.

The photos included here are examples of the results of these searches.

Some are very tiny, but when the surrounding material is "removed," these small beauties can dominate a scene.

When singled out, parts of frequently-seen plants add character to the plant.

Also, with a closer look, even less colorful material seems to take on a larger prominence.

Finally, as if to underscore the attraction of small parts in a scene, this bird flew into the picture--the latest feathered friend to have found Kate.

Look for the small surprises.

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