Sunday, August 30, 2009


There are times when we pick up cameras and just go for a walk around a town with no purpose in mind.

Some of those days result in an overview of the town and its character. Other times are marked by obtaining some photos of unique scenes in nature or unusual features of buildings. A door in Sonora, CA, caught my attention as we photographed the buildings along the town's main street.

The tours of the towns mentioned here have been the subject of earlier entries, but taking pictures of the doors in the shops in these towns gave us the opportunity to present a focused coverage of this subject.

The town of Locke, CA, presented many colorful buildings . . . and their doors.

These doors were found in the town of Isleton, CA, during our tour of this California Delta town.

I hope you enjoyed this break from our typical entries. Back to the more traditional style tomorrow.

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