Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Time to Work, A Time to Play

Today was a work day.

So, while we talk a little about the work, we have some flower (and other) photos that do not refer to work.

The campground prohibited washing vehicles, but it did allow private companies to come in and wash RVs. And since I am not real keen on climbing to the roof and crawling around to wash it, we had the company come out.

I would rather do all this myself, but there are times--and rules--that make it easy to call upon those with the power equipment.

Before leaving, the crew chief answered my question about kind of wax to use on the RV. He gave me the information, but I had to settle for another brand after unproductive stops at three auto products stores.

While searching for the RV wax, I took a side trip and washed the truck at one of the wash-it-yourself businesses. My approach is to use only the rinse cycle with a scrubbing mit. I can do a pretty good job in less than three minutes, including the tires.

This was the first waxing of the RV since leaving home, so I think the job went more slowly than if I had a better routine.

Kate was doing some reorganizing of the storage compartments. Some cool weather clothes were re-located to the compartment under the bed.

Next was the "basement"--the storage compartments under the rig. We had several boxes and storage containers that we just haven't used. They're gone now and we have less weight and additional space--always good things.

Then it was time to do some carpet cleaning. Even though we don't wear shoes in the RV, there are still spots that mysteriously appear and need attention.

Finally, there was time to prepare some pico de gallo for a Mexican dinner and a batch of brownies for dessert.

About mid-morning, the temperature was getting high, so I took a break and went to check on the matter of our truck engine overheating due to a loss of coolant.

This was a problem that has occurred during a lot of the mountain driving, and even though the repairs are still covered under warranty, it is annoying at best. I hope we have solved this problem--temporarily, at least.

Then after lunch it was back to waxing. My ladder is not quite tall enough to enable me to reach the top of the sides. So, there is a 12-inch strip all the way around the top that is duller than the rest of the rig.


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