Friday, December 11, 2009


Today we covered the second leg of our travels from Albuquerque to Phoenix.

Not too far from Las Cruces, we came to Akela, NM. This scene brought to mind some lyrics from a 1970 song by The Five Man Electric Band:

Signs, signs.
Everywhere there’s signs.
Breaking up the scenery.
Breaking up my mind.

This sign touted one of the more interesting collectible items available at the shops at Akela Flats.

However, we decided to pass--no extra room in the RV.

Our travels took us through desert and mountains--all in the uniform colors of winter. Roadside signs brought some color and some interesting names to our travel discussions.

Not unlike the signs leading to Wall Drugs in Wall, SD, or the "Pedro Sez" signs leading to South of the Border in South Carolina (just south of the border with North Carolina), several billboards urged us to visit The Thing.

We persisted in our travels.

At a couple of locations along I-10, we came upon a group of signs warning of a serious weather condition.

Now, is it me or does this sign seem odd? UFOs may exist, but I believe dust storms do exist.

This seems to have been confirmed by this warning that zero visibility is possible.

So with this warning, I will be sure to exercise extreme caution, if a dust storm should occur.

Messages carried on this billboard have long been forgotten.

But there was more to see along this route than signs. . . .

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