Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Courtyard of The Town Dump

Following our walk through the interior areas of Cave Creek's (AZ) Town Dump (see yesterday's entry), we ventured into the outdoor "showroom" of this unique store.

Looking in one direction revealed this view of the outdoor selections. I would bet that the owner(s) of the Town Dump ("A wild and crazy store serving the area over 30 years"), have a mental record of the inventory that is about 95% accurate.

A store around that long with unusual items has to have managers who know their customers and their interests. Whimsy notwithstanding, this, after all, is a business.

But back to the tour.

We stepped into a small alcove and were caught, not so much by the beautiful unicorn, but the flock of flamingoes perched securely in the nearby trees.

I would guess that the owner(s) couldn't care less whether I laughed, looked puzzled, or just shook my head and walked away. They were having fun.

For the recocrd, I laughed. I think I was beginning to see the humor that was behind the merchandise.

I have no idea who or what these figures represented. To me, I saw them as the chorus in a Greek drama that was on stage to comment on the events transpiring around them.

I found myself changing my reaction to the Dump from one of "What would I do with this?" to "This is a fun place to visit."

I can't imagine who would purchase this totem pole or where it would be displayed, but my reaction was to study this work and then move on with an increased interest in what other treasures I might come across as I made my way around the courtyard.

Once again, after pondering the usefulness of a coat of armor, I became interested in the figure on the right. There was a resemblance to Groucho Marx in the facial features.

I don't know if the clothes or the face were for sale, but once again, my mood was lifted, and I continued my search.

I also began paying more attention to the colors of the walls and doors. In the photos above and on the right, just the colors of the walls without any items in the area made striking photographs.

I found my approach to the Town Dump changing again as I made my way around the yard. I had moved beyond seeing the items for sale as more than simply fun; I found myself saying: "I could see this in the right setting" or "We could use this if we were back home."

I could see this sunburst hanging on our garage. Honest.

There were many iron benches, chairs, and tables from which to choose an arrangement for a patio.

I was really getting into the mindset of the owners (at least, my interpretation of it).

But it was this pepper that completely convinced me that this store was the answer to "What can I get for the special person in my life?"

Our anniversary is coming up, so this metal mega pepper might be just the thing for our restaurant reviewer. . . .

But until then, this colorful little jar, currently being used as a salt cellar on our RV's counter, will have to suffice.

It was tough to leave The Town Dump, but it was time for lunch. Would it be The Horny Toad, The Buffalo Chip Saloon, or Big Earl's Greasy Eats? Remember this is Cave Creek, AZ.

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