Friday, November 26, 2010

Meanwhile Back at the Zoo

Continuing our walk through a few of the San Diego Zoo's animal habitats.

This rhinoceros greeted us as we passed by their exhibit in the Zoo’s Urban Jungle.

At more than three times the size of the former elephant exhibit, the 2.4 acre site is home to seven elephants. The largest of several pools is 4,600 square feet and 7.5 feet deep in the deepest part.

Because elephants could easily mow down trees, their habitat has specially-designed "utilitrees"
(concrete structures) that provide shade, food, and treats for the elephants.

I have tried to identify which of the six females is shown here, but I have been unsuccess-ful.

Shown here are two Lesser Kudus.

This is a photo of Grevy's Zebra.

A Red River Hog is shown here.

Here is a capybara, the largest rodent in the world, "standing about two feet tall and built somewhat like a barrel with legs."

This photo shows the Chacoan Peccary from South America.

The Carribean Flamingo.

This colorful bird is the Saddlebill Stork. Its eyes are just above the yellow portion of the bill.

The habitat for the North Chinese leopard seemed to have everything the leopard could want. The resident leopard is on a ledge in the upper portion of the photo.

This is a closer look at the very handsome leopard.

And our walk continued.

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