Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Colors of Old Town

Part of San Diego's historic Old Town, Bazaar Del Mundo offers food for thought and displays for the eye.

Here in this open patio-style hacienda, complete with a fountain, festive flags and colorful flowers, is an incredible array of shops.

But it presents a problem when trying to find an identifying label. Is it simply a touristy destination or is it a site that offers visitors insight into the city's vast Hispanic past?

Are the shops here sources of everyday souvenir items or are they a great place to find gifts of one-of-a-kind pieces you can't find anywhere else?

Is it a mini mall or a gallery of Latin American folk art?

Bazaar Del Mundo is probably a little of each of these descriptions, AND it is one of the happiest and most colorful of all marketplaces in San Diego to shop.

It was here that the city's first inhabitants set up the original city, and it is here that five restaurants and 15 inter-national specialty shops provide traces of these early residents.

It was easy to spend a few hours here--all under the watchful eye of this furry resident.

For those interested in where we are and will be:
Dec. 2-16 Phoenix, AZ
Dec. 16-30 Silver City, NM
Dec. 30-Jan. 6 Las Cruces, NM
Jan. 6-20 Albuquerque, NM

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