Wednesday, January 12, 2011


"Tuesday, January 11. It was cold in Albuquerque. We were working the day watch out of Missing Persons division. My partner's Chuck. The boss is Ed Backstrand, chief of detectives. My name's Kate.

We were on our way out of the office. It was 7:06 a,m. when we were stopped.”

Citizen: “I can’t find it.”

Kate: “Yes, sir?”

C: “I don’t remember where it is?”

K: “You mean ‘who’?”

C: “What?”

K: “Police officers. This is Chuck, my name's Kate. We’re from Missing Persons. Who’s missing?”

C: “What. Blue Corn Pancakes.”

K: “Who’s that? A boxer?”

C: “No.”

K: “Got a descrip-tion?”

C: “Yes. Blue corn. Pancakes.”

K: “He a friend?”

C: “No. I miss ‘em.”

Chuck: “When did you last see him?”

C: “Who? What. Nine…twelve months ago.”

Chuck: “Sir? You waited this long to call us.”

C: “Well. I thought the time was right for you.”

K: “What else, sir?”

C: “I was driving north of Albuquerque. Y’know, past the Balloon Park—I really get a charge out of watching those hot air balloons as they--

K: “Sir, just the facts.”

C: “But I don’t remember much else.”

K: “Anything at all?”

C: “I was west of I-25.”

K: “Uh-huh. That’s the last place you saw him?”

C: “Who?”

Chuck: “Blue Corn Pancakes.”

C: “You two sure ask strange questions.”

Chuck: “Yes, sir. That’s our job.”

K: “Any-thing else about the last time you saw Blue Corn?”

C: “There was an old mining town, I think.”

K: “Mad-rid?”

C: “No. That’s east of I-25.”

K: “He was a miner?”

C: “Who?”

K: “Blue Corn.”

C: “Another strange comment. You two feeling OK?”

Chuck: “Yes, sir.”

K: “Any other details about the last time you were with Blue Corn?”

C: “I wouldn’t put it that way, but I was just driving to Santa Fe…”

K: “With Blue Corn?”

C: “What? ‘With’ Blue Corn? …but I got hungry…

Chuck: “You stopped at Harry’s Roadhouse? …Bobcat Bite? …Tecolote CafĂ©?”

C: “No. No. And No.”

K: “Where did you last see Blue Corn?”

C: “That’s what I’m trying to remember.”

K: “Uh-huh.”

C: “Yes.”

K: “What’s he look like?”

C: “Who?”

K: “Blue Corn.”

C: “Wait a minute, guys. Blue Corn is a ‘what,’ not a ‘who’.”

K: “What? A ‘what’.”

C: “Yes.”

K: “We’re from Missing Persons.”

C: “Oh. I thought you were detectives.”

K: “Yes, sir.”

C: “Then ‘detect’. Find where I had those wonderful blue corn pancakes.”

K: “Was there a river nearby?”

C: “Yes.”

K: “Any-thing else?”

C: “It was near some cliff dwellings.”

K: “Sir. Would you recognize the place if you saw it again?”

C: “Yes.”

K: “Come down to the station with us.”

The story you have just heard is true. On January 12th, a field trip was arranged on Highway 4, in the State of New Mexico, in and for the County of Sandoval. In a moment (actually, 24 hours worth of moments), the results of that trip.
The photos today were taken along Route 4 between San Ysidro and Jemez Springs, NM.

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