Thursday, July 7, 2011

Custer's Colorful Herd

In September, a Stampede will be coming through Custer, SD.

The 7th Annual Custer Stampede is an in outdoor artistic display that begins May 27 and culminates with food, festivities and an auction of the artwork on Sept. 25. The stampede features life-size buffalo forms that are decorated by area artists, along with a variety of buffalo art, all on public display throughout Custer.

The four life-size buffaloes that will be auctioned off this fall (see photos 1-5 below) are located at the main intersection of downtown Custer. Other buffaloes that had been purchased in past years are also positioned around town. The Visitors' Center provided us with a map that listed the locations of 23 buffaloes in and nearby Custer.

Treating the map as though it were a treasure map, we set out to find as many of these 5 feet tall at hump, 7 1/2 feet long fiberglass bison. We have identified all but one of the buffaloes we found.

"Prairie Thunder" by C.S. Poppenga
"This piece symbolizes the role weather plays on the prairie featuring a powerful, sun-lit thunderhead over the hump and the darkest depth of the clouds encompassing the head."

"The Sentinel" by Ross Lampshire
"This side features a close-up of two young bulls sparring in vibrant hues of blues, violets, greens and siennas."

"The Rise and Fall of General Custer" by Karen Cade
"A portrait of Custer is overlaid on top of a scene depicting over 100 wagons snaking through Castle Creek Valley during Custer’s Expedition."

"Visions of the Past" by Lane Kendrick
"This side shows petroglyphs from the stone walls near Edgemont in the southern Black Hills. The buffalo are coming alive out of the walls and turning to the present where they now roam again."

"The other side of the buffalo shows a Lakota boy camping with his pony in a teepee next to a hay field. He is remem-bering his great grandfather and the stories he told, especially the one from many years ago when buffalo roamed free."

Unfortunate-ly, we were not able to find any identifying information on this buffalo, pictured with some prospector's tools.

Left: "How I've Disappeared" by Emily Gaston
"This bison silhouette shows that the buffalo are looking over this land, the Black Hills, and that their spirits will always remain."
Center: "Rocking Buffalo Pony" by Juliet and Larry Hanratty
Right and below: "Morning Star Buffalo" by Susan Achterling

"Morning Star Buffalo" by Susan Achterling
Morning Star Quilt symbolizing the First Nations history with bison and the Black Hills.

"Star Keeper" by Don Montileaux

"Provider for the Lakota People" by Evans Flammonds, Sr.
"Evan’s vision expresses some of the many ways the buffalo was so strongly attached to his ancestors. The three horses represent the means in which the brave warriors hunted the buffalo for the people. Also included is a blue moon, symbol of a great feast."

"Thundering Hooves" by Susan Achterling
"My vision of a herd of bison honors the noble herds that once roamed the hills and prairies and applauds those who are restoring the bison to their rightful place in our world."

"The Gift" by Susan Achterling
Sandra is focused on the timeless fulfillment of the physical and spiritual needs the bison gives us.

"Buffalo Gals" by Peggy Leger
The evening scene shows saloon girls and patrons out in the street of a western town “dan-cing to the light of the moon.”

"Joe" by Nikki Sigle
"A buffalo of bright colors and designs similar to bead work on a moccasin or quill work with triangles and geometric patterns."

"Buffalo Seasons" by Sisa Sternback-Haro
"I have depicted my buffalo as he heads South, in search of warmer weather; with Spring and Summer in his future and Fall and Winter behind him."

"A Buffalo for All Seasons" by Marlize Loucks
"This buffalo represents the seasonal changes and how they affect life."

"American Bull" by Dwayne Wilcox
"The red, white, and blue color scheme is the artist's way of expressing the duty and moral obligation to honor those promises made to this land’s Natives People."

"Hogs and Hills" by Susan Achterling
"Sandra’s paintings celebrate moments in life." This side shows the "hogs" (motorcycles) in town; the other side shows them in the hills.

"Two Moons" by Nora Humphrey
"Honors the influential Cheyenne Chief Two Moons in leading his people." (Terry Reetz painted a scene entitled "Buffalo Gap" on the other side.)


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