Monday, August 1, 2011

The Beauty of the Prairie

Today's entry chronicles the landscape between Sundance, WY, and Fort Collins, CO.

We are now beginning to seek out two-lane highways wherever possible, feeling more confortable with challenges that these highways present for towing a good-size RV, in contrast to the more standard, nothing-unusual experience of the interstates.

We took highway 585 south out of Sundance and soon continued south on highway 85 through Newcastle. Then 85 joined highway 18 to Lusk. From Lusk, we headed west on 18 to I-25, just south of Douglas. There was little traffic this entire route and few towns.

There was beauty, however, in the prairie and rolling hills. And we had the time to enjoy the scenery.

We stayed on I-25 for a few miles, including a detour that required some back-tracking before reaching Glendo.

We spent one night here, and then it wass back on the road--I-25--for the next day's trip. The scenery was much the same, and the traffic was still relatively light as we passed Wheatland and Chugwater.

Even around Cheyenne traffic was surprisingly light, given that it was the first day of the nine days of Frontier Days. When we passed the fairgrounds, we could see that many RVers had arrived a day or two earlier to get parking spots.

As we crossed the border into Colorado the landscape soon began to change. Before moving to the scenes of mountains and canyons, we will continue our photographic travel through Wyoming.

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