Monday, August 13, 2012

The Slot Canyon Trail

All it took was seeing one photo of the slot canyon in the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument brochure. One photo and I knew I had to hike through this canyon.

A friend of mine had photographed the slot canyons in northeastern Arizona. Seeing this one brochure photo re-kindled my interest in seeing one of these canyons.

So I took off along the Slot Canyon Trail.

The colors and the curves of the walls played with the hide-and-seek quality of the sunlight to create ever-changing, magnificent works of art.

Portions of the trail were partially blocked by boulders--

one so large that it required going under it in order to continue along the trail.

The toughest part of the hike was the problem I created by stopping in the narrow passages to study the different angles. On a shoulder-width trail, one does not stop--especially with young children on the trail interested in traveling the curving trail in the fastest way possible.

But backtracking and waiting in the wider portions of the trail seemed to meet the preferences of both young and old hikers.

At a clearing along the trail, I found more of the tent rocks.

I spent several minutes taking in the stone walls around me.

And then re-traced my steps.

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