Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A New Mexico "Day"

During our stay in Santa Fe, we were camped on a hill south of the city. From this site, we were treated to some beautiful sunrises, cloud-filled days, and sunsets.

The photos, taken at different times of day over several days, show a composite day.

A morning walk found me sharing the three-quarters of a mile track with dog walkers and walking enthusiasts, some armed with stop watches as well as cameras.

It is our opinion that nowhere is the sky bluer, the clouds more puffy, and the rocks redder than those found in New Mexico.

Even storm clouds seemed a bit more complex in this state.

To highlight the clouds, I took some photos using the black-and-white camera setting.

As the sun prepared for its daily curtain call, people took up their positions. Some arranged their lawn chairs for a direct view of the sunset.

Others, cameras in hand, headed toward the park's boundary fence line. At these positions, conversations ranged from "best sunset" viewed in the past week to travel plans to camera choices.

Comparisons between sunsets in Santa Fe vs. Taos or Albuquerque expanded to include other parts of the country.

In the end, the consensus of the "regulars" attending the final rays of the day was that the sunsets over the skies of New Mexico were pretty spectacular.

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