Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunsets, Sunrise

We end our stay in Tucson with three evenings of sunsets. I don't know if it's just a matter of the latitude of the southwestern states or whether there is a more complicated environmental or meteorological explanation, but the sunsets in Arizona and New Mexico seem to be consistently brilliant.

Evening 1--This sunset seemed to cover the entire horizon, and in a few minutes,

a large portion of the sky was a brilliant orange.

Evening 2--This sunset had a modest beginning, but because of the clouds, I thought the potential for a beautiful one was there.

I was not disappointed.

The speck in the lower half of the photo below is a helicopter. What a view the pilot must have had.

Evening 3--I was drawn to the number and colors of the different bands in this sunset.

Even moving to a different location, I was still able to enjoy the many bands of color

Morning 1--I wanted to add one sunrise just to compare morning's brilliance with that of the evening's in the Southwest.

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