Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Sunsets" in the East

We wrap up our very brief stop in Albuquerque with some more sunset photos of another location in the Southwest.

Our campground is located atop what locals call Nine-mile Hill, although the "hill" is actually an extensive area of open space which overlooks the valley in which Albuquerque is located.

From the campground west of the city there is a clear view for miles to the west with only a few trees to add to the beauty of the sunsets.

From this location, we have been treated to unexpectedly colorful sunsets by looking to the east.

The Sandia Mountains and their cover of snow provided an equally appealing view near the end of the day.

Though maybe not as brilliant as the view to the west, we found this view to be equally intriguing due to the softer lighting on the mountainside.

On one evening, the cloud-free sunset provided a stunning show--in the east. It is interesting that because of the use of the telephoto lens, the distance between the campground and the Sandias appears shortened, but the entire city of Albuquerque is located in the valley between the campground and the Sandias--a distance of some 25 miles.

And here the clouds appeared to be another mountain hovering above the Sandias.

Seeing the rose-colored mountains in the east was like watching the second film in an entertaining double feature at a giant outdoor theater.

We left Albuquerque about a day after this photo. The next day I-40 was closed from Albuquerque to Amarillo, TX, for two days due to a blizzard that went through the area.

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