Friday, April 12, 2013

Quickly Captivated by Galveston

With much anticipation, we headed south on I-45 toward Galveston. Two years ago, we had hoped to spend some time in this city, but the recovery from Hurricane Ike was delayed at the RV parks.

We reached the Causeway and with the turn onto 61st Street, our eagerness to reach the Gulf increased twofold. We would have been hard pressed to explain this reaction—maybe it was the Gulf itself, maybe it was Galveston’s history of surviving hurricanes, or maybe. . . I don’t know.
#1and 2 Sunrise, Day 2

Up a slight incline at the end of 61st Street and there was the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately, we had a red light, so we could take a moment to just take in the scene. Just beautiful.

We headed south on Seawall Blvd. a few miles to our campground that was located right on the Gulf.
#3-6 Sunrise, Day 3

#7-8 Mid-morning, Day 3

#9-10 Late afternoon, Day 3

At the time of this writing, we have been in Galveston for a week and will be here for another week before heading to Louisiana.

Since it was just a few yards to the beach, I was able to get some sunrise photos over water. Shown here are scenes from our first four days on the beach.
#11 Mid-morning, Day 4

In just a matter of hours, the city devoured us. We were quickly captivated by its scenery and architecture and within a couple of days the city’s history and people completed the capture.
#12-15, Sunrise, Day 5

As magnificent as sunrises over the Gulf were, they were only one factor in our attraction to Galveston.

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