Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Family Thanksgiving Dinner

We interrupt our "travel blogs" to bring you a "truck blog."

To translate, our travel writings report that we have just arrived in Lodi, CA, but since we often have several days worth of activities that we have not yet written about, we are often several miles away from our latest entry. That being said, our truck is in Temecula, CA, and thus we are writing about our Thanksgiving dinner with my aunt Margaret and her family in Sun City, CA.

This has been our third Thanksgiving dinner with the four-generation family, and this time I abandoned candid photos to focus on conversation and food.

The snacks arrived and were greeted with enthusiasm.
As people returned for multiple visits, a common theme was sounded: "I have to stop before I'm too full for the turkey."
Margaret's daughter, Sandra, and Sandra's daughter, Shelly, managed the preparations in the kitchen, giving Margaret the opportunity to converse with guests. At age 100, it seemed appropriate to give her a little break--but see below.

I caught this photo of Kate helping with the carving. I had to photograph this scene from the doorway between the movement of those managing the kitchen.
The preparations complete, we filled our plates with the traditional items: turkey, dressing, potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, green been casserole, corn, a jello salad, a Southwestern cornbread salad, and rolls. Two types of cranberries appeared after this photo was taken.
Soon after we had finished our meal, Ziggy appeared. Intent on the activity nearby, he waited patiently.
Sandra was cutting the pies and taking requests for pumpkin or apple pie or pecan tarts.
Margaret had made the pies the day before and was able to have an important role in the dinner. Sandra made the pecan tarts.

The desserts were delicious and were the perfect topping to a meal of tasty dishes prepared by some excellent cooks.
We captured this photo of our hostess and her family and guests.
Standing (l. to r.): Ken and his wife, Shelly (Sandra's daughter), Barbara (Julie's friend), and Tim (Sandra's husband). Seated: Carolyn (Margaret and Sandra's friend), Margaret, Sandra (Margaret's daughter), and Julie (Sandra's daughter) with Ziggy. Front row: Abby, Allison, and Matt (Ken and Shelly's children).

With the time with these wonderful people and the enjoyment of a fine meal together in mind, we return to our travel blog tomorrow, just east of San Francisco.


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