Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Can you give me a hand up here?"

As Chuck mentioned in yesterday’s post, we arrived with an empty freezer and refrigerator, so were forced – I say forced – to find somewhere for lunch. Joe, our campground owner/host, recommended a local place for barbeque. He said his favorite place was Broad Street Barbeque in Kingsport but told us that the place was small and not fancy but had good food. In unison we replied – “Sounds like our kind of place.”

Joe was right on all counts. The restaurant had seating for about 75. You order your meal at the front counter, find a seat, and when the food is ready the one and only server calls your name, you wave your arm in the air, and she brings your food.

And what food it was. I was trying to decide between pulled pork or ribs when I saw that the lunch special was a sampler platter – a large serving of pulled pork, a large serving of pulled chicken, two ribs, two sides, and a slice of Texas toast. My decision was made (and so was Chuck’s). From a list of sides that included creamy slaw, Steve’s slaw (?), green beans, fries, baked beans, chips, potato salad, and macaroni salad, I chose the creamy slaw and beans and Chuck (whose order is shown to the right) the potato salad and beans.

All three meats were excellent – just enough smoke flavor without reaching the harsh, almost bitter, stage. The ribs had a light coating of sauce and were virtually fat free and the meat fell from the bones. On the table was our choice of three sauces – North Caroline vinegar/hot pepper, a sweet tomato, and the house “signature” sauce. As many times as I’ve tried North Carolina sauces, I’ve never found one I liked. And, since I don’t like overly sweet barbecue, I stuck with the house sauce which had a good balance of sweet and tart. I keep raving over baked beans and, again, these were delicious. The sauce had a little more vinegar tang than we found 100 miles north but excellent anyway. I tasted Chuck’s potato salad, and it contained a good quantity of egg – a plus for Chuck and me. And my creamy slaw was delicious.

We agreed that – except for Natural Born Grillers – this was the best barbeque so far and warrants a 4.5 Addie rating. I still have two small containers of NBG’s spicy barbeque sauce in the freezer and we plan to stop at Broad Street Barbeque for some take-out pulled pork to eat at home with the sauce. Only really good barbeque deserves this sauce.


Today was a day for reading brochures, barbecuing chicken, and waiting for the repairman. We had a little time, so Kate took to the grill with the result being some of the juiciest, tastiest chicken imaginable.
(We will forgo a full Addie report for this meal which included a helping of Kate's superb three bean salad and some flavorful rice pilaf. I was so eager to begin eating that I forgot to photograph the servings.)

Now about the repairman. I had a little encounter with an RV-eating tree. As we drove into our campsite at the last campground, I had to make a left turn down the row and a right turn into the second spot in the row. While I was focused on driving into the site, I neglected to see that I had not swung far enough to the right before making my left turn. So, the tree caught the metal strip covering the awning that, when extended, covered one of the slide outs. (When the slide out is extended it prevents debris from staying on the slide and possibly being pulled into the interior of the RV when the slide out is retracted.)

FORTUNATELY, there was no damage to the awning or slide out, so it just involved sliding the cover into the edge of the awning and the base on the side of the RV. Then came the repairman's request for help. This also meant that I had to climb onto the roof of the RV to hold one end of the 13' metal cover while the repairman slid the cover along the strips on the awning and the wall of the RV to secure the awning. I must have been quite a sight crawling on the roof (rather than walking on it) and very, very cautiously backing up to the ladder and slowly taking those first couple of steps down the ladder.

UNFORTUNATELY, no photographs of this adventure can be found. They were mysteriously lost. This matter is being investigated.

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