Monday, August 11, 2008

Settling In

One aspect of preparing to travel to a new campground involves reducing the weight of the material contained in the RV--emptying water tanks and emptying the refrigerator and pantry as much as possible. Doing this, however, means that soon after arriving at the new site we need to replenish the food supplies.

So, today was grocery day, including applying for the local/regional supermarket's buying card. We drove to Kingsport, TN, a city of 45,000, and found Ingles Supermarket. We now have a well-stocked pantry and are ready to begin exploring the area.

There was a little time in the afternoon to take a short trip to Warriors' Path State Park, named for its close proximity to the ancient Cherokee war and trading path. The park surrounds part of Fort Patrick Henry Lake which makes it easy to understand why it is one of the most popular sites in the state of Tennessee for family camping, picnicing, and outdoor recreation.

The brief stop was enough to convince us to return for a longer walk through the park's trails and for lunch in the picnic area.

I spent a little time in the afternoon just walking around the campground. Joe and Sue have taken a lot of pride in making their grounds appealing for RV people, tent campers, and those who prefer a cabin in the woods.

As you can see, there are many trees and a good amount of space between camp sites. Some of the sites are on a hill, however, and any person trying to back a fifth wheel or a trailer into a site while backing down a hill is in for a challenge.

We've added a picture of our truck and RV to give you some idea of what we're traveling in as we talk about our experiences.

Tonight we sat outside just listening to the crickets and tree frogs. Wonderful sounds,

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Reina said...

I have been enjoying following your travels vicariously on this site, and was thrilled to finally see what your "new home" looks like! I too am getting settled into my new home. Today we are getting IDs changed over (Driver's License, Auto Registration, getting a military ID), registering my youngest for high school, which starts in a little over a week, and (hopefully) getting a library card--I am out of things to read! Once my IDs all are here then I can begin the hunt for a job, although if I am honest, this full-time mom stuff is wonderful! Still, once everything is unpacked and put away I am sure I will get easily bored with it. You are getting closer to my new direction...

Lots of love,