Monday, September 29, 2008

"Smoke" in the Smokies

It is estimated that over nine milliion people visit the Great Smoky National Park each year making it the most frequently visited national park. There is no admission charge, so there is no official count of the exact number of visitors.

We had never visited the Smokies, even though it is one of the few national parks in the East. However, the photos of the Smokies always evoked the response: "Someday we have to tour the Smokies."

A common theme running through the travel brochures was the presence of the blanket of fog or clouds covering the mountains. As Fall approaches, the chances of a foggy morning have increased, much to our delight.

We have wanted to capture the mood of the Smokies, which to us seemed to be one of times past. We kept expecting residents of the 1840s would emerge with their equipment from the clouds or fog.

Indeed, some of the features of the Smokies are highlighted by clouds, as in the case of the storm clouds shown here.

But, unfortunately, it is often the pollution in the atmosphere that provides the appearance of a blanket over the beautiful mountains.

These last four photographs capture the mood of the Smokies that will remain with us as we travel on.

The mountain peaks were outlined as though reflecting the vision of an artist who controlled the lighting.

We will view the blanket covering the valleys and wrapping around the mountains as the evening fog rolling in off the ocean.

Yes, . . . that's how we see it.

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Reina said...

We were in the Smokey Mountains in July when we went to get Eric's daughter from basic training (Ft Jackson, SC) and I was amazed by the color changes and the various "moods" as the "smoke" drifted across the freeway. Your photographs are elegant and could almost be framed as gifts!