Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving dinner 2008 was a different experience.

Oh, we had roast turkey, smoked turkey, and ham. And yes, we had mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce (three kinds), and green bean casserole (two kinds). Plus, deviled eggs, baked beans, rolls, and collard greens. All topped off with pumpkin pie, carrot cake, brownies, and about three other creations. (I didn't really get a good idea of all the dessert selections--after two good-size helpings of just about everything else, I decided to leave the desserts for the other campers.)

Kate and I joined 26 others for a dinner in the campground's office. Jim and Lynn, the campground hosts, prepared the turkeys and mashed potatoes, and the rest of us brought a dish to pass.

We joined Jim and Lynn and a couple from eastern Washington at one table. The couple from the West traveled to places in the area via their Harleys once they settled into the campground. The wife was originally from the Quad Cities, and both found jobs as day truckers while they were staying here for the winter.

Their son is a deep sea welder, working on oil rigs to repair damage from the hurricanes. He was going on a 228-foot dive today, but since he really enjoyed the work, it did not bother him that it was Thanksgiving.

After dinner, we took some of the left over turkey for our cats, so they celebrated later in the day--in between naps.


In the Odds 'N Ends Department: No. 1. The daiquiri seems to be the drink of choice among the locals.

This photo shows the Daiquiri Island with the sign reading "Drive Thru Daiquiris."

No. 2. Butch Guchereau made it a point to emphasize that his name did not end in an "x" when he introduced himself before our swamp tour with him. He told a story about the Acadians who were driven out of Nova Scotia and transported to New Orleans. When they were asked for their signature after giving their names, many simply wrote an "x." He wasn't sure if they signed with an "x" because they couldn't write their name or because they were protesting their forced re-location. But the "x" was added to their last names.

At any rate, the "eaux" suffix is present in many names in this area. It has even appeared in signs such as "Geaux Tigers" to support the Louisiana State University athletic teams.

However, it was this permanent sign that topped our list of "Eaux My--That's Too Much."

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