Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visitor Welcome Center, Exit 880

Moving Day. A day to pack up, tie other things down, and bring in the slide outs on the RV. As soon as the cats hear the motors of the slides, they run for their space under the sofa. The first time we checked on where they had chosen to travel, we found three pairs of eyes staring back at us as we checked under the sofa.

It was a day to say our fourth "good-bye" to Jim and Lynn Claxton, the Park's managers. They combine friendliness and helpfulness with a desire to make their guests feel at home. And they succeed in this desire. And our geographic connections with them (Jim from Princeton, IL, and Lynn from Feasterville, PA) helped make it easy to enjoy their company.

Some of the places we missed visiting were the three casinos within a stone's throw of the Park. I just liked the name of this one. The nickname of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's athletic team is "The Ragin' Cajuns," so seeing the Wagin' Cajun Casino seemed to fit--geographically speaking.

By sunset, we were packed, organized, and ready to travel early in the morning.

Welcome Centers not only provide enough brochures and maps to cover a month's worth of activities, but they also provide an opportunity to change drivers and take a walk. So we looked forward to beginning our stay in Texas with a stop just after crossing the border. Above the sign announcing the Center were the words "Exit 880." The idea of driving 879 miles and still not having crossed the western border was a bit daunting, to say the least.

On our walk around the Center, we stopped to photograph this scene. There was little doubt where we were.

Every time I return to our truck and RV at one of these stops, I'm still surprised that we are able to navigate all this equipment down the road. One more travel day ahead.

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