Monday, December 1, 2008

A Correction, a Commendation, and a Clarification

Before we leave Louisiana--as the subject of our commentaries--we have a correction, a commendation, and a clarification.

The Correction (Chuck): In the November 21 entry, I stated that the windows of the St. Bernard Catholic Church had been damaged during Hurricane Gustav. Kate learned from one of the Breaux Bridge residents that the lead strips separating the pieces of glass in the stained glass windows were being replaced. The boards on the outside of the Church served to brace and secure the window while workers did the replacement work on the inside of the Church.


The Commendation (Kate): Sorry if you are tired of reading me enthuse about Chef Roy’s Frog City Café, but our recent third and fourth meals at this delightful restaurant warrant mention. Determined to veer from our zone of comfort, on our third visit both Chuck and I opted to order from the luncheon entrée list rather than just having appetizers. Along with our sharing an order of the Cajun Eggrolls, Chuck chose the Chicken-Fried Chicken, and I went with the Crawfish Napoleon.

I don’t know if Chef Morel brines his chicken, but I don’t know of any other way to achieve that degree of juiciness in a fried boneless and skinless chicken breast.The coating was so crisp that the crunch could be heard at the next table. And the white pepper gravy was the best we’ve had during our tour through the South.

My Napoleon was to die for. Two roughly three inch rounds of fried eggplant sandwiched a well-seasoned crawfish stuffing. This – and the entire plate – was covered in a layer of seasoned cheese sauce that was studded with small crawfish tails. My first thought was that this dish was so rich I wouldn’t be able to finish. My second was that I should save one of my rolls to wipe up any remnants of the cheese sauce. Chef Morel would be pleased that I wiped my plate clean.

On the fourth trip, Chuck stuck with the Chicken-Fried Chicken but this time ordered the dinner sized portion – two large breasts with baked potato. After studiously pondering the menu, I decided that I needed a last meal of fried seafood and got a small platter that contained three jumbo shrimp, a stuffed shrimp, three large strips of catfish, and a crab cake covered with a crawfish sauce.

Chef Roy’s became one of my favorite restaurants anytime, anywhere. Co-owners Robert Credeur and Chef Benoit Morel have done everything right. The décor is classy but comfortable. You see customers wearing everything from jackets and ties to jeans and flannel shirts. The waitstaff are friendly, but not officious. You don’t get that “My name is Bunny and I’ll be your server tonight.” But this wouldn’t matter if the food didn’t exceed the décor and service. And, as a bonus, the prices are more than reasonable for food of this caliber. Our thanks to Robert and Beniot for making our visit to Cajun Louisiana a culinary journey. To Chef Roy’s Frog City Café, 5.0+ Addies.


The Clarification (Chuck): In yesterday's blog, the photo at the Visitors' Welcome Center at the Texas border showed six flags with the Lone Star. I learned today that the six flags or nations that exercised actual domination over or staked major claims to Texas. The flags (left to right) represent Texas under Spain, under France, under Mexico, in the Confederacy, as a Republic, and as a state.


And now, on to our stops in Texas.

By mid-afternoon, we reached LaGrange, TX, and camped overnight.

While waiting to "check out" this morning, I took a walk around the campground and found these sights.

These trails along the Colorado River were calling to us, but we were eager to get back on the road.

So many things to see . . . .

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