Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Walk in the Park

It is December 4th, and Fall is slip-sliding away.

The temperature was late-summer-like, and we wanted to be outside as often as possible.

The Kerrville-Schreiner Park was a Texas State Park until recently. It is now managed by the city of Kerrville and includes an area devoted to RV campers.

As the Guadalupe River meanders through the park, it seems to change color from a deep blue to a bold turquoise.

Some of Fall's finest colors clung to the tops of trees;

other examples were found in small flashes close to the ground.

Then there were those little gems of nature that appeared less colorful but often were more interesting.

We wondered what was adding the yellow tint to some of the trees in the Park.

A closer look revealed these muted yellow pods.

It was a nice day for a walk.

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