Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stonehenge--in Texas?

We were driving along the highway 1340 near Hunt, TX, looking for Stonehenge II when we came upon Easter Island. But this is getting ahead of the story.

From "Stonehenge II was erected as an amusing art project by the late Al Shepperd and his friend and neighbor, Doug Hill. Hill had offered a limestone slab to Shepperd in 1989, unused in his recently completed back patio.

Shepperd stood the rock up monolith-style, and then odd thoughts started to seep into his head. He was gripped by what we've observed as a rare but not unknown malady -- Stonehenge Fever.

Within the next year, Shepperd bankrolled Hill to construct plaster and graphite-covered metal mesh and steel frameworks, replicating the mysterious stones of England, in the middle of Shepperd's pasture.

The finished product is 90% as wide as the original, and 60% the height."

But back to the story. We rounded a curve on the highway and were greeted by this figure. It was stark in and of itself, but in a large, open field this faux figure was still impressive.

Continuing from "Shepperd added two 13-ft. tall Easter Island heads a year and a half later, after visiting Easter Island. The heads stand a respectful distance away on either side of the 'Henge.

Al planned to add a replica Alaskan totem pole to the tableaux, but died in 1994 in his seventies before realizing that portion of his dream. His nephew, also named Al Shepperd, now owns the property."

A bit of humor in the Texas Hill Country.

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