Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Roadside Discovery

With the water shortage present in most of the area that we have visited, we have found very few babbling brooks and even fewer waterfalls.

So we were really excited to come upon this stream and small waterfalls on a drive back from Ingram, TX.

However, there was a problem: we saw this stream as we were driving along a highway.

The first challenge was to turn around and find a parking place. Surprisingly, there was a picnic area on the other side of the road with several parking places.

It was then a short walk across the highway to the stream.

The next challenge was to get closer to the river. Choice 1: Slide down the bank under the "No Trespassing" signs. Choice 2: Stand in the road near the edge of the bridge with no shoulder on the road and no railing on the bridge.

I opted to slide. At the botton of the slight hill, there was a path, so it seems that many others had chosen this option for the opportunity to photograph this stream.

I spent several minutes just listening to the sounds of the falls. I was pleased to get as close as I did to the river.

Then I turned around to see where Kate was.

Choice 2 had been hers. "The angle was better up here," was her true-photographer response.

After expressing my concern for her safety (in a less literary way), I had to admit she got a good shot of this little discovery.

Sometimes chance is better than a brochure.

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