Friday, March 19, 2010

"'Baseball Potpourri' for $400, Alex"

We join the scheduled edition of Jeopardy! already in progress.

Chuck: “I’ll take ‘Baseball Potpourri’ for $400, Alex.”

Alex: “A visual clue. ‘The fan shown here.’ . . . . Chuck.”

Chuck: “What do you call the female version of the Bleacher Bums?”

Alex: “Right.”

Chuck: “’Baseball Potpourri’ for $800.”

Alex: “A visual clue. ‘What is happening here?’ . . . . Chuck.”

Chuck: “What are stretching exercises? I believe passive stretching exercises in which the athlete actively goes to the end position and the partner progressively applies pressure . . . .”

Alex: “OK, OK. Too much information. Correct, but please keep it short.”

Chuck: “Sorry, Alex. OK, I’ll go for ‘Baseball Potpourri’ for $1200.”

Alex: “A visual clue. ‘If two’s company and three’s a crowd, what is this? . . . . Chuck”

Chuck: “What is a grand slam, Alex? But if this person and his three teammates are opponents of the Cubs, then ‘what is a disaster?’ would be the answer. By the way, that is Pablo Sandoval being greeted by teammates in a Spring Training game in March, 2010. A home run that I called when he came to bat.”

Alex: “Correct, but way too much information, Chuck.”

Chuck: “Can’t help it, Alex. I’ll go for ’Baseball Potpourri’ for $1600.”

Alex: “A visual clue. ‘What is unique here?’ . . . . Chuck."

Chuck: “What was the first use of ‘beer’ as a verb in a ballpark?”

Alex: “Yes. Nice short answer.”

Chuck: “’Baseball Potpourri’ for $2000.”

Alex: “The second ‘Daily Double.’”

Chuck: “I’ll wager everything, Alex.”

Alex: “A true daily double. ‘Baseball, according to a critic quoted by Ray Fitzgerald, in Boston Glove, 1970.’”

Chuck: “What is ‘the national pastime?'”

Alex: “No, the correct answer is ‘What is six minutes of action crammed into two-and-one-half hours.'”

Chuck: “WHAT?!! Impossible. Consult the judges, Alex.”

(Inaudible comments in the background.)

Alex: “That concludes the final round. We’ll be back for Final Jeopardy after these words.”

(More inaudible comments in the background as the scene fades to a commercial.)

Returning from the break,

Alex: “Well, following Chuck’s unfortunate experience, which resulted in a loss of all his money, we are left with only two players for Final Jeopardy. The topic is 'Sports Messages.'"


Alex: "Here is the clue for Final Jeopardy: ‘The source for “If you build it, he/they will come”.’”


Alex: “OK, ‘The source for “If you build it, he/they will come”.' Agatha, your answer: ‘Who is George Steinbrenner?’ No, I’m sorry that is not the source. You wagered . . . everything. That brings you to $00.”

Alex: “Let’s move to Bernice. Your answer: ‘Who is Donald Trump?’ No, I’m sorry that is not the source. You wagered . . . everything. That brings you to $00, also.” The answer is ‘The Voice’ in the movie Field of Dreams. Well, this is unusual. All three contestants finished with zero dollars. I’ll have to consult the judges for a ruling. Back in a moment.”

Chuck (off-camera): “. . . demand . . . rematch . . . . I knew that answer.”

Fade to commercial.

Alex (hurriedly): "Join us tomorrow when three new contestants will compete in the next edition of Jeopardy!."

(Inaudible comments.)

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