Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

We had mentioned (see the December 24 and 25 entries) that we would save the Christmas Eve fireworks display for tonight. Our first experience with the tradition of the bonfires at Gramercy, LA, several years ago did not include fireworks, so the inclusion of this display was a surprise for us.

Once the initial burst of brilliant flames, fueled by kerosene, had diminished, the flames achieved a steady burn.

With this, the mission of providing a guide for Papa Noel was likely to succeed.

This burst was interesting to say the least. I've never known a firecracker that would create what looks like the number "5" or the letter "S".

We end with this photo with an effect that we cannot explain. How the movement of the flame became paired with the stationary position of the explosive burst is very intriguing.

Sometimes I'd rather not know how thess effects occur; I'll just enjoy the result.