Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Afternoon in the Sun

Invariably, every time we're having beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde, we make the comment: "We'll have to come back here and just people watch."

A recent visit provided just that opportunity. The line was long, so it made more sense to sit on a bench and watch the line heading for beignets rather than stand in it.

With the passing of one of the many mule-drawn carriages, the pace of life seemed to slow a bit and we seemed to step back in time.

It was a warm, sunny afternoon--the kind of summer afternoon on which one could easily doze off while slouched on a bench in the shade as the sounds of the crowd melted into a moderate buzz.

As I began to doze off, the sounds of the activity around Jackson Square presented different associations. There was a brief association with life in an ancient marketplace, but the reason for the toga-clad visitor in the area of the French Market was unclear.

The earlier glimpse of the mule may account for the cartoon-like animals appearing in my thoughts, but the barking of dogs did not match the vision of a monkey in my mind.

But it was the barking that led me to associate the sound with the Super Mario Dog game that I had found on the internet. Good Ol' Mario. He always seemed to be having fun no matter what the situation he found himself in.

My thoughts were becoming more cloudy as the sun broke through the shade of the tree's branches.

The Blues Brothers club, House of Blues, was a short distance from the Square, but how they were associated with the Banana Brothers was unclear, beyond the imagined sibling relationship of the Bananas.

Then my thoughts drifted back to the 60's--but only for a brief period. I heard music, but it was not music of that era.

I can't imagine how many times a trumpet player has played or has been asked to play "When the Saints Go Marchin' In." But when I heard that song being played, I knew I was back in New Orleans.

But only for a short time.

In my dream-like state, I imagined I was in Nashville in the Grand Ol' Opry or was it in Cajun Country with some zydeco music being played.

But a strange note must have been struck, because my mind put me into a "B" movie with a giant who was invading the Quarter.

But no need to worry.

A rainbow appeared; the danger passed.

Everything was going to be OK. I could just relax in the afternoon sun.

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