Monday, March 26, 2012

A Store of Many Names

We left the Roadfood Festival in New Orleans' French Market and continued our walk down Decatur Street.

While not planning on a bicycle ride around the Quarter, we were attracted to this sign for a bike rental shop.

However, upon closer inspection, we realized this shop was more than its sign announced.

"Do you mind if I take some photographs of the items here?" I asked of the owner, who I later learned was Greg.

"Go right ahead, but I can't allow you to take photos of the artwork inside," he replied.

Not being allowed to photograph works of art is very understandable, so I set about touring the courtyard.

So, this was a bike rental shop, an art gallery, and .... I'm not sure how to describe the metal figures aligned in groups in the open air.

There was a "squadron" of flying pigs (above), a "troop" of chickens (left), and at least one fish (below).

I was quite taken by these figures. To me, they seemed to be a "fleet" of roadrunners photo-graphed in mid-race.

It wasn't until we had returned to the street that we learned that the primary emphasis of this bike rental/art gallery/metal sculpture business was the sale of antique furniture.

So, while I was caught up with these metal objects d' art, Greg (of Greg's Antiques and Other Assorted Junk) was focused on an antique business that Gambit had rated as the "2nd Best Antique Store" in their 2009 "Best of New Orleans" Readers' Survey.

And finally, Greg's Antiques also sells a variety of New Orleans salvage pieces and architectural details like windows, doors, mantles, and iron railings...and glass
bottles--when not hungover.

While not currently interested in antiques, we would certainly like to meet Greg.

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