Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RVing Among More Red Rocks

On the outskirts of Page, AZ, we passed the Navajo Generating Station. The plant consists of three 750 MW units that provide power to Arizona, Nevada, and California. The station's three 236 meter high chimneys are the tallest structures in Arizona. It has been producing commercial power since 1975.

Our campground was located on a hill with a panoramic view toward the west and red rocks on the eastern edge. Through some tall grass along the northern border of the campground, we saw the first signs of a beautiful sunset.

Moving to the western entrance, we caught a clearer view--

very clear, if you disregard the electrical wires--of the later stages of the sunset.

Moving around the RVs, we caught the setting sun's rays intensifying the red in the rocks.

Scenes like these are forcing me to readjust my idea that red rock formations are unique to Santa Fe, NM, and Sedona, AZ.

With evidence like this that shatters a mistaken assumption, it's not all that bad being wrong sometimes.

The addition of a nearly full moon was a dramatic contribution to the late evening scene.

Quite a welcome to Page.

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