Thursday, October 4, 2012

Traveling Northeastern Arizona

We were headed north from Kayenta, AZ, on Highway 163 on the last portion of our drive to Monument Valleey.
I have been reluctant to travel on the back roads while towing the RV. Two lane highways make for the likelihood of a build-up of traffic behind me.
And then again there is the possibility of low overpasses that
"attack" RVs that are a bit taller than the clearance distance.
But purchasing a trucker's road atlas which identified highways with low overpasses addressed the latter concern.
And traveling roads through the desert of the Navajo tribal lands of northern Arizona pretty much insures that trailing traffic will be minimal given the low number of cars and trucks on the highway and the corresponding ease of passing.
As our destination approached, the rain clouds disappeared, and the remaining clouds were non-threatening ones that, when paired with the sun, created scenes of shadow and light playfulness.
We also realized that our initial impression of red rocks being confined to a couple of locations in the Southwest was way off. The formations seen on the way into town provided a hint of what we would see in the next days.
We arrived in Monument Valley and passed the "Goulding's-prefix" Lodge, Museum, Grocery Store, Gas Station, and Car Wash and found our site in the Goulding's RV Park.
As if the colors of the surrounding rocks was not brilliant enough during midday,
the show at sunset was stunning.
Tomorrow it would be the Big Show at Monument Valley.

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