Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving and Family

We interrupt our time in Death Valley to jump ahead to our Thanksgiving dinner with Margaret's granddaughter Julie. Chuck's aunt Margaret had wanted us to join her and the family for dinner today, and when Julie offered to host the family Thanksgiving dinner, Julie, also, extended the invitation to us to join family and friends in her lovely home on a hill overlooking the lights of San Bernadino.

Family members and guests brought dishes, and Julie organized the final preparations for the wonderful meal of a veggie tray, turkey, pot roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, and: (below, l. to r. back row) mandarin orange jello salad, green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, and (front row) bread stuffing

and (below, front to back) sweet potatoes, eggplant, corn, and ham. For dessert there was an apple pie, two pumpkin pies, some homemade candy, and some chocolate-and-peppermint-covered pretzel sticks.

The folks in the photographs below include:

Margaret: Chuck's aunt
Margaret's daughter Sandra and her husband Tim
Sandra and Tim's daughters: Shelley and Julie
Shelley and Kenneth's (due to work commitments, Kenneth was not able to join us) children: Matthew, Allison, and Abby
Charlotte: Kenneth's mother
Kate: Chuck's fellow Wanderer
Carolyn: friend of Margaret and Sandra's
Barbara: friend of Julie's
Among friends of Julie's not pictured: Andrew, Darren, Eric, Ricky
Whiskey: general overseer and friend to all

(l. to r.) Margaret and Carolyn



(l. to r.) Julie, Shelley, and Barbara

Abby and Shelley


Abby and Allison





(l. to r.) front row: Carolyn, Margaret, Sandra; middle row: Charlotte, Abby, Barbara; back row: Allison, Kate, Shelley, Tim, Julie, Matthew.

We were all thankful for the time together to enjoy each other's company, conversation, and very good food.

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