Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at the home of Brad and Susan Bailey, attended church service at St. Paul's, and ended the evening at Dick and Karen Allsing's home. We joined the following: cousin Karen and her husband Dick Allsing, Karen's sister Barbara, and their brother Tom;
Dick and Karen's daughter Susan and her husband Brad Bailey and their children Jake and Alexis;
Dick and Karen's son Steve Allsing and his wife Courtney and their sons Nicholas and Alex; and
Stan and Shyrl Bailey, parents of Brad.

The candid photos below were taken at the two homes.

(l. to r.) Jake, Alex, and Tom

(l. to r.) Steve, Courtney, and Dick


(l. to r.) Stan and Nicholas

(l. to r.) Susan, Steve, and Courtney

(l. to r.) Karen, Shryl, and Barbara

(l. to r.) Stan, Nicholas, Brad, and Alexis

(l. to r.) Alexis, Susan, Steve, and Courtney

(l. to r.) Alexis, Susan, Steve, Jake, Courtney, Tom (partially hidden, and Alex (back to camera)


(l. to r.) Stan (partially hidden) and Brad

(l. to r.) Barbara and Tom

(l. to r.) Nicholas, Steve, and Courtney

(l. to r.) Alex, Barbara, Tom, and Dick


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