Monday, December 31, 2012

Iowa v Texas Through My Camera

Juat a few days before the first game, we learned that the University of Iowa's women's basketball team would be playing the University of Texas in the “Maggie Dixon” Surf ‘N Slam Classic at the University of San Diego.

So with the opportunity to see my first college women's basketball game and to photograph some of the action, I headed to the Jenny Craig Pavillion on the campus for the game.

The crowd was very small, so I was able to move around the arena to take photos from different angles.

Texas was ranked 20th in the country coming in to the tournament, so I was expecting a very competitive game.

I missed a good portion of the action, because I was watching only small sections of the court through the camera's viewfinder.

So, submitted for your viewing pleasure are some photos of the game action--without identifying the players or elaborating on the course of the game.

Final Score: Iowa 86 Texas 63


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