Sunday, January 12, 2014

Glendales' Glitter and Glow Block Party

This past Saturday night marked the final night of the Glendale Glitters holiday light display. To top off the season, Glendale, AZ, showcased the 1.5 million lights in Murphy Park and added nine bands and about 20 hot air balloons over the sixteen block area of the city's downtown.
Last year, the Glitter & Glow Block Party drew about 75,000 people for the final night and a total of a quarter of a million people over the course of the six-week festival.
The four of us (Raina, Jesse, Kate, and I) joined the party. Some early participants set the stage for a fun evening.

But it was the balloons that people came to see. The balloon pilots inflated the balloons that remained tethered to their trucks and with bursts of flame revealed the colors and forms of the balloons.
We enjoyed the colors as we walked among the balloonists and the lights in the Park, so we present the views of the balloons and the Park for readers to visually "walk through" the scenes.

Beautiful displays expertly presented. A stunning success.


Tom and Marci said...

Glendale Glitter ended up on our radar based on your previous blog posts about it, and we went on Saturday, too. I thought it would be cool to see the lights and balloons together, but was not prepared for the crowds! Yikes! My boys felt like they couldn't enjoy the lights because of all the people. Did you feel like the light display was better when you were there previously, without all the other stuff going on?

Anonymous said...

My good friend lives in Surprise. Maybe next year I'll go for a visit. This looks like fun. :-)

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