Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Festival Colors

What makes the introductions to new performers at the Festival International de Louisiane so much more enjoyable is the introductions to new friends at the venues. At the opening ceremonies, we met John, his wife Jennifer, and their friend Joyce.
Joyce, John, and Jennifer

And has been our experience when meeting people from Lafayette, a brief greeting was easily extended to a wide-ranging conversation. John also introduced us to some very tasty alligator sausage in the course of our time together.

Over the course of the Festival, we photographed the colors and the fashion of the Festival keeping in mind the observation made by the staff member of IND Monthly:

“Festival style has no rules. It’s that time of year that no matter your personal style, you can fly your freak flag. Even the demure gals unleash their inner hippie chic. It’s all about vivid colors and native prints and that homespun aesthetic that comes from easy little dresses and a funky take on beauty—braids and hippie head bands and comfy flat sandals” (IND Monthly, April, 2014).
We noticed that much of the color was concentrated in the hats and headgear of the attendees.

This dancer with two hoops was quite animated as she performed in the audience to the music of one of the bands.


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