Wednesday, January 7, 2009


While we complete the last steps involved in settling in here at the American RV Park in Albuquerque, we will review some of the sights along the last leg of our 3-day travel from Texas.

Specifically, we began our drive from Las Cruces, NM to Albuquerque with these rays of sunshine streaming through breaks in the clouds. We took this as a positive start to the day's journey.

(As was the case with the photos shown the past two days, these were all taken through the windows as we drove along I-25.)

We began to see more color in the scenery and the buildings. Here was a mural on the side of a storage tank. It was a welcome addition to the landscape and an introduction to the scenes and colors of New Mexico.

The color of the adobe home and the grasses blended beautifully. We imagined how the muted colors would blend with a bright blue sky of summer. The colors of the prairie/desert have quite a calming effect on us.

Then it was back to the straight, uniform highway. If there were such a mechanism as "automatic driver" for the truck, this would have been a good time to engage it.

And if there is a way to break up the uniformity of an interstate drive, it is having the highway closed and traffic re-routed to a Border Patrol station. We started guessing what the stop meant, both knowing that towing an RV would seem to warrant a prolonged stop and search.

Kate was driving, and as soon as we reached the agent, he said, "That's fine, keep going. Have a nice day." Our "Thank you" was followed by a quick compliance with the agent's direction. It was back to the uniform highway, both wondering if the fact that Kate was driving had anything to do with the quick "wave-through."

For several miles, we watched the clouds move between the two mountains. Each mile produced a different look, a different balance betweem mountains and clouds, and a different relationship among mountains, clouds, and landscape.

We began to feel an anticipatory excitement about visiting Albuquerque.

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