Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kerrville's Guadalupe

We took a final look at Kerrville, TX, and the Guadalupe River.

While the river seemed quite content within its banks, there were signs around town indicating that there were times when it became quite unruly. There were several small streams that wandered away from the river, ran around the countryside, and then returned.

On the four-mile drive from the RV park to town, there were three dips in the road with flood markers next to them. When I asked if the water really reached a depth of four or five feet in this desert-like terrain, I received a very serious nod as my only answer.

Fortunately, during our stay here, the Guadalupe stayed securely within its banks and provided a scenic center to the Kerrville city park.

Sometimes the Guadalupe is the subject of the photo, and sometimes it is a backdrop for the shoreline. The following photos show examples of each.

And then there is this final shot.

On a drive through the countryside of the Hill Country, we passed a fence that had shoes on each post along one hundred yards of the property line. Whether or not this is the equivalent of sneakers tied together and tossed over electrical wires in Philadelphia shall remain unanswered.

And "No," we did not cover the post on the right.

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