Monday, January 5, 2009

Through A Windshield Brightly

We left the Kerrville (TX) RV Park on Saturday morning after a walk around the Park's small pond.

We arrived in Albuquerque this afternoon (Monday) after three days of driving about 275 miles each day.

So, while we set up our home, shop for food, find a barber/stylist, and contact my cousin Jack and his wife Linda, we will show some photos taken on Saturday between Kerrville and Ft. Stockton, TX.

As we've mentioned in earlier blogs, the area in the Hill Country is desert-like with only shrubs and short grasses in clumps. There is a certain beauty to the land, although we must admit we might start wishing there were more and different vegetation if we stayed here for an extended period of time.

We welcomed the presence of hills because the presence of "up and down" driving was a nice contrast to straight-down-the-road, automatic-pilot driving, and because they provided a

welcome change in the scenery.

The day's drive was marked by an alternating pattern of hills and desert/prairie.

Photographing the scenery through the windshield was challenging, but it gives a realistic look into the day on the road.

Traveling farther west, we saw more of what we imagined Texas to be.

Welcome to West Texas.

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Reina said...

When Tony was stationed in El Paso, I was amazed at how desert-like the area was, so different from MN in all ways possible, and yet in it's own way, starkly beautiful. If you get a chance while in NM, you should go to "Elephant Butte State (Regional?) Park". We drove up there from El Paso for a day of swimming and it was an amazing place: the desert sand goes right up to the lake, you can camp in the sand up to the lake shore; and the lake is pristine and beautiful, like a hidden oasis in the midst of the desert. You DO need some sort of shade along with--after our first time there Tony bought one of those portable awning thingys (sets up like a tent without walls) for the babies so we had some shelter, and you also need good footwear as the sand gets quite hot. It is a place we talk about often and have such wonderful memories of. Well-worth seeing (although I am not sure how far it is from Albuqurque). Another fun town near there is "Truth or Consequences", NM--yes, that is it's name... (as an aside, Rei frequently talks about swimming at Elephant Butt lake...). I haven't spent any extended time in NM and I envy you being there--the crafts alone make me drool (basketry, weavings, beading, jewelry making, needlearts...) Enjoy!