Monday, November 9, 2009

A Day in the Life

While our travels have been put on hold, we have had time to get to know the newest member of our household.

As you may remember, about 2-1/2 months ago we found a one-month old kitten hanging by one paw that was caught between two stack chairs in a locked cage behind a restaurant in Hanford, CA. We named him O.R. Deal because of the ordeal he had been through. We were worried that he would have to have the one paw amputated, but veterinarians that we consulted with over four weeks thought he would recover.

Well, he certainly has.

During the 2-1/2 months, he has been living in a 3x2x2 cloth and netting house so that the three other cats could meet/greet him. He also had frequent supervised time out of his house to race around the RV.

As of yesterday, he now has full run of the home, although there are still some wild behaviors present. He has a tendency to bite the hand that feeds him, although this is significantly reduced.

Agatha Christie has had some heart to heart talks with him about sharing food. He still has a tendency to think that he has to eat everything in sight at mealtime, so he dines alone for awhile to give the others a chance to leisurely finish their meals. He is beginning to show some restraint, but his time on the street may have left some scary memories when it comes to finding food.

He is an alert, responsive kitten who wants to be involved in everything we do. Whether its consulting on our travel plans in the red binder or checking on my cooking efforts, he is close at hand.

Adler, who enjoys naps with occasional play breaks from her work with Kate on the restaurant reviews, is not quite sure what to make of O.R.'s energy level.

Both Adler and Agatha will express their displeasure through hisses and swats directed at O.R. for his unwelcome play and lack of sharing.

But, O.R. has a serious side that is interested in his surroundings and in watching images appear on the laptop screen.

Although O.R. wants the other three to join him in play, he is often forced to engage in activities by himself or with us. Simple play with a ball of aluminum foil or tipping over waste baskets will draw us into playing with this wire with cardboard rolls on the end.

And while it is sometimes hard for us to believe, there comes a time when the tank is empty and a rest is needed.

He has become part of the family.

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