Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Room Over the Ocean

While Kate continues to make progress on the medical front, I can now deal with my obsessive issues about being as current as possible on reporting on our travels. So, with apologies to The Lone Ranger ". . .return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. The Wanderers ride again!"

In our case, we will return to a day about seven weeks ago when we were visiting my cousin Karen and her husband Dick in San Diego. They introduced us to Kono's Surf Club Cafe in Pacific Beach for breakfast.

But before describing our meal at this "quintessential beach joint," I want to talk about our visit to one of Kono's neighbors--the Crystal Pier Hotel.

Though called a hotel, this wonderful property is actually a collection of 23 cottages built out on a pier. Most of these temporary travelers' homes were built back in the 1930s; all of them have been renovated in recent years.

You can choose between a one and two bedroom unit, each with a kitchenette, living room and outdoor deck.

Parking is free. One car can park at a one-bedroom unit and two cars can park at a two-bedroom unit.

The white clapboard cottages fit perfectly against the deep blue sky and ocean. With their sky-blue shutters and flower boxes brimming with geraniums, the neat rows of cottages are simply a perfect fit down both sides of the pier.

White tables and chairs, with blue cushions and umbrellas, deck patios. Miniature white picket fencing separates most cottages; higher fencing gives the six end units more privacy.

Viewing surfers from behind is an unexpected treat for cottage residents, fishermen, and tourists strolling down the pier after a meal.

The morning fog only added to the feeling of being on your own island.

At $300+/night and a required three-night minimum stay in the summer, the economics deliver a harsh jolt to the sense of calm provided by the hypnotic sound of the surf against the pier.

Note: If Kate gets the creative juices flowing tomorrow, she'll cover the breakfast at Kono's; if not, well . . . , let's just hope.

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