Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Impromptu Harp Solo in the Park

After leaving the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe (NM), I took a photographic stroll toward the city's Plaza.

I thought the levels of the buildings along the way gave the appearance of an adobe wave converging on the downtown area.

The shops along San Francisco Street just east of the Plaza were similar to these adobe structures.

The uniformity of the shops and the absence of signage outside the buildings created a inviting quality to this area.

Just around the corner, the New Mexico Museum of Art continued the architectural and structural quality of the block east of the Plaza.

Directly opposite the Museum is the St. Francis Cathedral. Dedicated in 1886, the Cathedral is a blend of adobe, French-Romanesque and modern architectural styles. In July 2005, Pope Benedict XVI elevated the Cathedral to a basilica, calling it the “cradle of Catholicism” of the Southwest. As the first church in New Mexico history to receive this designation, it is now officially known as Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

On the northwest corner of the Plaza is the building identified as the Catron Block. Up until 15 years ago, this building housed the offices of the Catron law firm, founded in 1866.

On the northern border of the Plaza is the Palace of the Governors. During this walk around the Plaza, I only had time to quickly study the sidewalk in front of the Palace where Native Americans sell their turquoise, silver and pottery treasures on colorful blankets.

This historic park is a gathering place for all ages. Much of the activity is usually devoted to conversation, but at times, the park visitors focus on one person or activity.

The afternoon I visited the park, I joined the others in listening to the selections of this harpist.

A truly unique solo in the park.

Programs are also featured in the band box in the center of the park. The day I was there, the platform was occupied by children engaged in different activities.

I thought I was not observed as I composed this photo of a young boy coloring in a book.

However, if you enlarge this photo, you will see that his eyes are focused directly on me.

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