Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Brief Interlude

At present, we are in San Diego enjoying a weekend Dannenberg (Chuck's mother's side of the family) Family Reunion.

Because the accounts of our travels still have us camped in San Juan Bautista and because our schedule has been pretty full today, we present this brief interlude featuring O.R. Deal, the one-month old kitten we rescued in Hanford, CA, a little over two years ago.

When we found him, he was hanging by one paw caught between two plastic stack chairs. He quickly recovered and has been running on "high" ever since he joined our traveling twosome of Adler and Lizzie.

The photos capture O.R. in resting and sleeping states--rare states indeed for him.

We have had many cats join our family over the years, but none had assumed this pose of sleeping with paws in the air.

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