Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Customer Lounges

I have been spending too much time in Customer Lounges and sitting by the phone lately.

For what seems like the greater part of the past three weeks, I have visited three such lounges in Ford service departments as we identified the reason for our very rough ride on I-80 across north central California.

Ordering parts that were not Ford parts and then having to return the wrong part added several days of waiting.

Adding time for computer repairs (about a week with no blog entries) awhile ago and a return visit Monday (when there was another missing entry) and I have more time waiting for up-dates on the repair progress.

So during those periods of waiting, I recalled our recent travels along the beautiful coastline on Ocean View Boulevard in Pacific Grove, CA.

Pacific Grove is located on the northern most tip of the Monterey Peninsula, at the entrance to Monterey Bay and is considered to be the "Butterfly Town USA," because thousands of monarch butterflies come to town in the winter.

Over the years, Pacific Grove has been selected by VIA Magazine as the "Best Seaside Sanctuary,"

named the "Most Romantic City in the US" by Life Magazine, and

dubbed by Coastal Living "A Dreamy California Destina-tion."

Pacific Grove’s last Swan Boat (a replica, left) has a home on the Pacific Grove shoreline overlooking the cove and bay where, for more than 80 years, its glass-bottomed predecessors gave visitors a below-the-surface view of sea life.

Some of the above-ground life that captured our attention were this one of many squirrels which seemed to be sunning themselves on the rock along the shore and

this one reader who had found a spot for a chair amongst the rocks.

So with these memories, I was able to pass the time in Customer Lounges without having to rely on out-dated magazines or morning games shows on TV.

But the longer I wait, the foggier my memory becomes.

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