Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beaumont 852

We crossed the border from New Mexico into Texas and one of the first signs we saw was "Beau-mont 852".

Eight hundred fifty-two miles and we would still be in Texas. (And that didn't even count the additional 30+ miles from Beaumont to the Louisiana border.)

The photos shown here were taken over the course of two days and 501 miles to Kerrville, TX. With the wide open spaces and light traffic flow, we were left to imagine what the destinations of the ranch "roads" (above) through the hills were

or how this cat (right) feels being on a leash while at one of the few rest tops along I-10.

With little in the way of traffic to attend, we started noting road conditions and designs--one design in particular.

After stopping for gas, we encountered an unusual form of entrance to get back on I-10. The entrance was also a frontage road. That is, turning onto the lane marked "I-10 East," we were confronted with a two-lane road. With much uncertainty (even though it was the only possible route back to the interstate), we turned onto this road. In about 500 yards, a road (which we belatedly realized was the entrance ramp) veered to the left.

I missed it.

Following a brief adventure in backing up, we made the turn onto the ramp, crossing in front of traffic which we hoped would "yield" in response to the sign instructing oncoming traffic to do so.

I don't know exactly where it was that we reached the limit on the identifi-cation of exits, but when we reach our exit to Kerrville, instead of hearing the voice in the box announce: "In two miles, Exit 27 (or 75 or 159) is on the right," we heard "In two miles, the exit is on the right."

Even the voice was not going to record the exit numbers when no other state would reach these upper ranges of exits.

We took Exit 501 for Kerrville.

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