Monday, November 14, 2011


Special to the Tucson Daily Paw

Tucson (CPI) – The Wanderers today announced the hiring of Kitty Humbug as the new Food Reviewer for the blog thewanderers Mr. Humbug will begin his position effective today, but he will not assume full responsibility of this position until December 1.

When asked to elaborate on the decision to replace long-time reviewer Adler, a spokesman for The Wanderers said that Adler has requested a gradual reduction of her duties that had been increasing over the past three months.

“She has filled this role for over 40 (human) months and has visited many fine eateries during that time. Her often persnickety, but direct, manner earned her many followers during that period."

When reached for comment, Adler, usually not at a loss for words, would only say, “I’m tired. Let the kid take over.”

The events leading to this decision have unfolded in a short time. A fortuitous meeting between The Wanderers and Diana Madaras at her gallery began with conversations about Ms. Madaras’ magnificent art work of scenes of the Southwest.

Another work that captured The Wanderers' attention was this painting of a cat who looked a great deal like Adler. The story behind the painting goes back to December of 2008 when Ms. Madaras visited a veterinary clinic and saw Starsky, the resident mascot of the hospital, outfitted in his Santa hat and darn mad about it.

That image of Starsky captured Ms. Madaras’ imagination. What followed that meeting was a painting of Kitty Humbug, a short video about K. Humbug, an original song, and the Kitty Humbug project. Proceeds from Kitty Humbug products have helped ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned animals, including dogs, cats, and horses, as well as wildlife.

When Ms. Madaras learned of The Wanderers' interest in travel and seeking out Mom and Pop eateries, she introduced them to one of the Kitty Humbug family. She described this little guy as having a good appetite and loving to explore his environment, and she thought that he would make a fine traveling companion for The Wanderers.

Ms. Madaras has spent most of her life caring for animals, beginning with helping her father in his veterinary practice.
She is President of the Art for Animals Foundation. Proceeds from select events at Madaras Gallery, as well as private donations, enable the Foundation to help abused, injured animals.

Ms. Madaras has been featured in a dozen one-woman shows, is in demand for commis-sioned artwork, has been voted Tucson's Best Visual Artist (2004, 2005, and 2008), and is active in community service. Her artwork has benefited more than 100 charities.

An exceptional artist and wonderful friend to needy animals.

This reporter caught up with Kitty Humbug as he made the rounds of introduc-tions to fellow travelers of The Wanderers. Adler's advice to K. Humbug on writing restaurant reviews: “Be honest—and get plenty of rest.”

Bob Cat outlined his role as the watchman of the home and provided some hints on how to get along with the other furry people.

And K. Humbug has decided to follow the advice of the wizard who has been traveling with The Wanderers for over three years. Said K. Humbug, "I'm only a kid, but I have met Adler and will continue to use the Addie Scale to rate eateries from 1 (low) to 5 (high) Addies.

Adler knows the kid needs assistance and has told this reporter that she will be there to edit reviews and provide encouragement.

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mcraywood said...

Kudos to Diana Madaras and her kind heart from the rescued Cats that "allow" us to share their Wycombe home with them. We give a hearty welcome to K Humbug and look forward to his forthcoming food reviews. And while we agree that Adler does deserve some rest from her duties, we hope that she will still do "guest" reviews from time to time!
Warm wishes to all from Wycombe!